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MGNT4540: Unveiling Shenzhen and Dongguan

The MGNT4540 class visiting firms in Shenzhen and Dongguan

The MGNT4540 class had a fantastical 2-day study trip in late October, delving into the realms of digitisation, entrepreneurship, and research/power companies in the vibrant Greater Bay Area. They accomplished this by exploring a wide range of seven firms, gaining valuable insights along the way, with the guidance and support from Dr. John Lai, Assistant Dean (Undergraduate Studies), and CUHK’s Co-operative Education Programme.

During their time in Shenzhen, our students had the invaluable opportunity to visit renowned organisations such as McDonald’s and Tencent, which are widely recognised for their pioneering leadership in technology and innovation. In particular, Tencent’s cutting-edge facilities and diverse range of offerings exemplify its unwavering dedication to pushing boundaries in areas such as gaming, social media, AI, and more.

Meanwhile, in Dongguan, our students engaged with local entrepreneurs and Hong Kong startup founders, gaining valuable insights into the thriving entrepreneurial spirit and resilience that define this region. Furthermore, their interactions with officials from Dongguan Human Resources services shed light on the intricate relationship between businesses and the government, providing the class with an unique perspective on this vital partnership. Additionally, eye-opening visits to the China Spallation Neutron Source and Canvest Environmental revealed the remarkable progress being made in sustainability within the industry.

Here are some reflections from the class:

Jeff Chan (IBBA/3):

The trip to Dongguan was truly an enlightening experience. Having the chance to visit renowned companies such as McDonald’s and Tencent, I was astounded by the remarkable progress and flourishing business environment in mainland China. Furthermore, the people were incredibly welcoming and eager to respond to our inquiries, and we were fascinated by the contrasting operational approaches between the mainland and Hong Kong. Additionally, we had a delightful time with John and our fantastic cohort, singing and dancing together, and enjoying the delightful night BBQ treat provided by John.

Antonio Fan (IBBA/3):

The venture into Dongguan’s dynamic landscape was highly insightful, shedding light on the contrast and progress between mainland China and the GBA. The hospitality offered by industry giants like McDonald’s and Tencent was as enriching as it was enlightening, underscoring the various possibilities that await young talents. Such interactions have changed my perspective on pursuing cross-border professional ties. The robust support framework for start-up enterprises, coupled with the advantageous cost of living, speaks volumes about the fertile ground Dongguan offers. Witnessing first-hand the ingenious transformation of waste into energy by Canvest underscores the city’s commitment to innovation—a testament to a future filled with sustainable practices and entrepreneurial ventures.

Kevin Cheung (BBA-JD/3):

I would describe this trip as an enlightening experience. We witnessed how digitalisation benefits McDonald’s development and the ongoing efforts by Tencent to expand its influence worldwide. The most remarkable visit was the tour of Canvest Environmental Protection Group Company Limited. The company utilises state-of-the-art technology to address solid waste issues. They not only generate electricity through incineration but also repurpose the resulting residues into bricks and recycled water. Furthermore, I see numerous opportunities within the Greater Bay Area. With a similar culture and relatively lower living costs, Guangdong Province, particularly Dongguan, is an appealing destination for our startup businesses.

Simone Brendas (Exchange Student):

The trip with my Asian Business course mates to Shenzhen and Dongguan was truly unforgettable. It was my first time in China, and the experience was life-changing. I realised the incredible advancements in this area and the vast opportunities for starting a business. Visiting top-notch companies like the particle accelerator and Tencent showed me the incredible capabilities of the Greater Bay Area, sparking my enthusiasm to gear up my studies and thrive in this exciting business environment.

During our journey, John played a crucial role. He connected us with these leading companies and encouraged us to interact with them. He also shared insights on how to build meaningful relationships with the people we met. John’s guidance helped us better understand and engage within the vibrant business world we were exploring.

This trip motivated me to start learning Mandarin, enabling me to fully comprehend and contribute to the value of China.

Joy Hong (IBBA/4):

It was my pleasure to take part in this rewarding journey to Dongguan with my fellow classmates. The entire trip has been fascinating, and we had the opportunity to visit companies in various fields, ranging from tech giants to human resources and development centres. Additionally, we witnessed a wide array of amazing products and innovations. Among them, the most memorable one was the 3D metal puzzle; each model was exquisitely designed. I had never realised that a seemingly ordinary puzzle could be so well-designed with technological advancements. I would also like to extend my sincerest gratitude to John and our class representatives who planned this incredible trip for us.

Sarah Shi (IBBA/4):

It was an unforgettable trip to Dongguan. Prior to visiting, my impression of Dongguan was that of an ordinary, newly developed first-tier city. However, during this trip, I witnessed the thriving development of this city, and everything about it left me amazed. The most unforgettable aspect for me is the human resources market in Dongguan. It not only provides a large number of high-quality talents matches for renowned enterprises like Huawei but also offers highly affordable office space and all necessary resources for young people who wish to start their own businesses. As a business student, I understand the immense value of this opportunity. Lastly, I would like to express my gratitude to John for his guidance and encouragement throughout the journey.


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