Student Sharing

“Going on an exchange is a fantastic experience as we can not only broaden our horizon by meeting friends from all around the world, but we can also challenge ourselves to cope with the cultural differences and be independent when facing problems.”

Chanel Ng, Exchange student to the University of Monterrey, Mexico

“This is a very good opportunity for us to have international exposure and experience something different. It’s also good to be one of the students of the host university and experience the difference in teaching and learning styles compared to our home university. Practicing English in a native environment is a lot more effective and efficient.”

Michelle Choi, Exchange to Queen’s University, Canada

“During my stay at the University of Alberta, I enrolled in the dance courses as well as Women’s Studies. Besides studying, I joined two school teams, the dance team and the mixed chorus. I also participated in a volunteer programme as a piano teacher for children. I had regular practice and volunteer service every week. Living abroad during my exchange really opened my eyes to different cultures and living environment. I made many friends from around the world too.”

Kapo Lo, Exchange to University of Alberta, Canada

Most of the courses at Cardiff Business School had tutorial classes. Before tutorial classes, students needed to finish a number of readings given by the lecturers. I really appreciated that the students there were very hard working and well prepared. They did not just join the discussions, they were also ready to give a presentation. It was a precious chance to exchange ideas with local students.”

Jo Ng, Exchange to Cardiff University, United Kingdom