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From Case Challenges to Festive Delights: Our Best Moment BMCC 2023!

From left to right: Shirley Lau (GBS/3), Jojo Lai (GBS/3), Justin Yik (GBS/3), Ghanim Goh (GBS/3)

Our undergraduate students – Shirley Lau (GBS/3), Jojo Lai (GBS/3), Justin Yik (GBS/3), and Ghanim Goh (GBS/3) travelled all the way to Guadalajara, Mexico for the Business Management Case Competition 2023, hosted by the School of Business and Management from Universidad Panamericana, Campus Guadalajara, in early November.

A big congratulations to Justin for winning the Best Pitch award in the 2nd round case study randomly working with other international participants, and to Shirley for receiving the Best Q&A award for overall performance! The tireless efforts demonstrated by every member of the team truly deserve a resounding round of applause.

Beyond delving into the challenging cases, the team had the privilege of immersing themselves in the captivating allure of Mexico, from the vibrant city of Guadalajara to the charming town of Tequila. They also participated in one of the country’s time-honoured festivals – the Day of the Dead.

Justin Yik (left) and Shirley Lau (right) were awarded the Best Pitch award and Best Q&A award respectively.

The team wore face paint to celebrate the Day of the Dead.

Below are some insights from the team:-

Shirley Lau (GBS/3):

The BMCC experience was a perfect blend of intellectual growth, cultural exploration, and friendship-building. On one hand, the uniquely themed cases, ranging from healthcare digitalisation to sports team development, ignited our creativity and enhanced our problem-solving skills. On the other hand, collaborating with international team members from different schools not only sharpened our communication and teamwork abilities but also exposed us to diverse perspectives and problem-solving approaches, resulting in valuable international friendships. What truly made this journey unforgettable was immersing ourselves in Mexican culture, made possible by the wonderful ambassadors and the exceptional social activities, such as visiting Tequila town or Calaverandia, the Day of the Dead theme park. Without a doubt, this eye-opening experience will be cherished as one of the fondest memories of my university journey.

Justin Yik (GBS/3):

BMCC demonstrated the value of teamwork and was an exhilarating and unforgettable event. Taking on challenging business cases encouraged creative and cooperative problem-solving. Highlights of the competition were the events that offered a real-world application of skills. Thanks to the ambassadors’ knowledge and excitement, the experience was fulfilling and added great value. All in all, working through demanding business situations with my beloved teammates made BMCC a life-changing and rewarding experience.

Jojo Lai (GBS/3):

BMCC was the most memorable event of this semester! We not only had the chance to experience the true essence of Mexico with the support of our amazing ambassadors, but we also had the opportunity to collaborate with top minds from other universities in the pitching competition. The best thing about BMCC is undoubtedly the people. Everyone fully embraced the passionate and friendly Mexican culture, and being surrounded by such welcoming and brilliant individuals made everything even more unforgettable. BMCC will undoubtedly remain as one of my best memories in my university life!

Ghanim Goh (GBS/3):

The BMCC competition was a thrilling experience that showcased the power of teamwork. Tackling challenging business cases fostered creative problem-solving and collaboration. The competition events were a highlight, providing a platform for the practical application of skills. The ambassadors’ enthusiasm and expertise added immense value, making the experience truly enriching. Overall, navigating the complexities of business scenarios alongside dedicated teammates made BMCC an unforgettable and rewarding journey.


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