CUHK Outstanding Students Awards 2023

Social Service (For the Community)

Wu Tsz-hong (IBBA, Year 5)

Tsz-hong has been serving the community in the form of volunteering for 15 years, overcoming challenges during the pandemic, while striving to achieve academic excellence. The profound impact Tsz-hong made with his team through his participation in social services, taking the initiation of service projects, and the co-founding of Recylink Hong Kong was well recognised.

“Inspire. Overcome. Impact: shaping a meaningful CUHK Business School Journey. The university journey presents its share of challenges, but with each step, we have the power to inspire, overcome obstacles, and create a lasting impact on our path and beyond.” Tsz-hong shared.

Wu Tsz-hong (IBBA, Year 5) at the Outstanding Students Awards Presentation Ceremony 2023 with Dr Fred Ku, Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies of CUHK Business School.

Wu Tsz-hong (IBBA, Year 5) at the Award Ceremony of the Hong Kong Outstanding Tertiary Students’ Service Association.