CUHK Outstanding Students Awards 2023


Chan Tsz-chiu (IBBA, Year 3)

“Be you, Do you, For you” is Tsz-chiu’s motto. Tsz-chiu enjoyed being conscious of what he likes and he believes that setting goals for it is always the first two footsteps on the road to success. His passion in swimming makes him believes that with his strong mind, he will be hypnotised by it and others would not be able to affect his dream.

Chan Tsz-chiu (IBBA, Year 3) at the Outstanding Students Awards Presentation Ceremony 2023 with Professor Rocky S. Tuan, Vice-Chancellor and President of CUHK.

Chan Tsz-chiu (IBBA, Year 3) at The 1st Student (Youth) Games Of The People’s Republic Of China.