Academic Advising System

Student advising is an important component of students’ university education, as it helps them plan for a rewarding undergraduate experience. Our priority is to assist students to achieve their academic goals and a positive learning experience.

Level I Advisor

Every student will be assigned an academic advisor (Level I Advisor). The roles of a Level I advisor are:

  • To meet with students at least once a year for the purpose of providing general advice on issues such as course selection, guided study and adaptation to University learning modes.
  • To become a resource person in his/her programme or division, provide information on other whole-person development opportunities to students and refer students to suitable units, if necessary.
  • To advise on students’ application for suspension of studies, if necessary.

Level II Advisor

Each programme will also be requested to nominate a designated academic advisor (Level II Advisor) for students in the respective programme for further support. The roles of a Level II advisor are:

  • To meet with marginal students with GPA below a certain threshold more than once during a particular year to provide additional academic support and hopefully help avert potential academic problems.
  • To meet with students who have academic problems (especially those placed on academic probation or extended probation) more regularly to provide advice and guidance.
  • To endorse students on probation or extended probation for enrollment into appropriate courses in the next term.
  • To refer problem cases to the appropriate units for other suitable assistance, e.g. Colleges, counselling service, health service. If necessary, the case should be referred to the Associate/ Assistant Dean concerned.
  • After improvement is seen in the student’s studies, to decide whether he/she will continue to meet with the student or transfer the case to a Level I Advisor.
  • To advise on students’ application for suspension of studies, if necessary.

If you want to understand more what the Academic Advising System is about, please do not hesitate to let us know.