Why Join Us

Comprehensive Research University

A leading comprehensive research university with outstanding global reputation, since its inception CUHK has been committed to advancing research excellence and upholding humanistic culture. We attract first rate students who get full access to our state-of-the-art facilities.

Distinguished Faculty Members

Our business faculty members received their education at prestigious universities around the world, such as British Columbia, Chicago, INSEAD London, McGill, Michigan, Northwestern, Ohio State, Oxford, Pennsylvania, Purdue, Stanford, Wisconsin and York. They are renowned scholars with a caring heart, dedicated to nurturing the young generation.

Distinctive College System

 CUHK is the only university in Hong Kong offering a unique collegiate experience to our undergraduates. CUHK has nine constituent colleges, Chung Chi , New AsiaUnitedShawMorningsideS.H. Ho, C.W. ChuWu Yee Sun and Lee Woo Sing. College programmes and activities complement the formal curricula by delivering whole-person education and pastoral care.

Excellence in General Education

 CUHK’s general education courses broadens students’ perspectives and provide them with interdisciplinary knowledge and skills to face the challenges of a complex and fast changing society. Values such as cultural sensitivity and social responsibility are essential towards becoming a responsible global citizen.

Flexible Admissions

CUHK Business School caters to students with different strengths and needs. It offers a suite of undergraduate programmes specialising in actuarial analysis, accounting, business, insurance and finance, hotel and tourism management. Students can choose broad-based admission in the Integrated BBA Programme, or specialised programmes with discipline-specific content. Students are also catered to with programme transfer after a year of study to honor their interests and strengths.

Forward-looking Curriculum

CUHK Business School is a pioneer and a leader in business education in the region. Our forward-looking curriculum design exceeds the society’s expectations. The curriculum consists of the University’s General Education, Faculty Package, Major Required Courses and Free Electives, while students have to acquire a minimum of 123 credits for graduation. Many of our graduates make use of free electives to pursue double majors, double concentrations or a minor programme.

Vibrant Student Life

A complete commitment from professional staff in the Undergraduate Office, in collaboration with academic departments and student societies, helps foster an experiential learning environment to enhance students’ learning experience. The Student Enhancement Model provides students a roadmap to enrich their student life and simultaneously enhance their competitiveness.

In partnership with top-ranking institutions around the globe, we provide world-class programmes and internationally focused curriculum that offers courses in collaboration with other international institutions.

Strong Alumni Network

CUHK Business School has the largest business school alumni network in Hong Kong. We had more than 35,000 alumni as of December 2018. Our alumni strongly support the School’s development, including the progress of our undergraduates. Our humble but confident graduates are equipped with analytical and practical skills to support their success in a globalized business environment. Students enjoy and benefit from the strong alumni network comprising eminent business leaders, entrepreneurs and senior executives in government, finance and various sectors.

Our Undergraduate Mentorship Programme is an example of our close connection with The BBA Alumni Association of CUHK.

Successful Career Placement

CUHK Business School has a consistently high internship ratio at the undergraduate level. Our dedicated team of Student Development and Career Planning at the Undergraduate Office provides full support, including face-to-face career advice, Soft Skills Mentor and a variety of professional skills enhancement workshops, to our business undergraduates and prepare them for future placement. Over 90% of our graduates successfully land their graduate placement within 6 months upon graduation.

Dedicated Advice System

Student advising is one important component of our students’ university life, as it helps them plan for a rewarding undergraduate experience. Our priority is to assist students in achieving their academic goals and a positive learning outcome. Each undergraduate student is assigned two academic advisors who provide pastoral care and guidance. Students may check their advisors through CUSIS.