Mentorship Programme

CUHK Business School co-organises with the BBA Alumni Association of CUHK to offer the “Undergraduate Mentorship Programme” for business students.  Business leaders who graduated from CUHK Business School and are serving a wide range of sectors, are invited to serve as mentors, through which they will share their precious experience with current students and give them advice on their career and personal development.

Students will be paired up with alumni who are working in the business sector that they are interested in. Mentees are encouraged to meet with their mentors on a regular basis.  By interacting with alumni and other business leaders, students will learn more about the current practices in the industry and future career prospects. 

Individual programs, colleges and societies also have their own mentorship schemes that allow students to establish connections with seasoned professionals in their respective sector.  Please ask respective units for more information.

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“Throughout the journey of the mentorship this year, I gained not only precious advice from my mentor, but also expanded my social circle in the accounting and finance industry.

Since my mentor is experienced in the accounting industry, he provided me with what and how to plan my career and build up career achievements step-by-step, with some experiences shared with us during our meetings. I gained some precious advice from my mentor to support my career development.”

Chan Wing Hin, Professional Accountancy