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Graduation Celebration at CUHK 85th Congregation for the Conferment of Degrees

Thousands of graduates gathered at the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) University Mall on November 16 to attend the 85th Congregation Ceremony for the Conferment of Degrees, celebrating their academic achievements and new beginnings in life. Together with friends and family, the class of 2018 graduates enjoyed a memorable day and filled the campus with laughter and cheers.

Prof. Rocky Tuan, Vice-Chancellor, delivered a speech to students during the ceremony on staying true to themselves and striving for success. “Dear students, I called upon you to cherish and remain true to your aspirations, and not to forget the pure and simple reasons that motivated you at the outset. I wish all of you every success, and I look forward to your coming back as alumni to your alma mater, to share your lives’ stories in the very near future.”

The Congregation for the Conferment of Degrees is one of the highlighted events at the University and is valued by faculty members, staff, students, alumni, and parents. This year, 912 students from CUHK Business School were awarded the Bachelor of Business Administration. Prof. Fan Tingting (Department of Marketing) and Dr. John Lai (Department of Management) received the University Education Award for their outstanding commitment to the promotion of teaching excellence. Prof. Lisa Wan (School of Hotel and Tourism Management) was also presented with the Vice-Chancellor’s Exemplary Teaching Award during the ceremony.

Let’s hear from our class of 2018 graduates sharing at this precious moment:

“Four years of university life is definitely one of the most unforgettable parts of my life. The world that CUHK, especially Business School, provides us with is much broader than I expected. Exchanging in the United States, visiting Myanmar, Poland, and Ningxia for study trips, and going overseas for case competition had all shaped me as a new person. Thank you for all the opportunities.”

Calvin Au (International Business and Chinese Enterprise)

“Before I knew it, my time at the university had flown by like an arrow; and it only seemed like yesterday when I first set foot in CUHK. I can still recall all the little, treasurable moments that led to my graduation. I feel bittersweet saying goodbye to CUHK, as the university has nurtured me from a bright-eyed child to a professional businessperson.”

Chan Tsz Hin (Professional Accountancy)

 “It’s been such a rewarding four years’ time at CUHK Business School. I am tremendously thankful to have met passionate teachers and bright schoolmates here. The opportunity to travel to Poland, a member of the One-Belt-One-Road initiative, is definitely a highlight. Thank you, Business School, for offering us invaluable international exposure through all these study trips!”

Venus To (International Business and Chinese Enterprise)

 “Time flies and my four-year university life went by in the blink of an eye. I am grateful for everyone I have met and I treasure every experience in these past few years that led to this important moment. To my friends and acquaintances whom I had the pleasure to meet and greet in these past four years, I sincerely hope that our relationships will last and the graduation only marks the beginning of new memories.” 

Katrina Wong (Integrated BBA)


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