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CUHK Business School Students Receive Hong Kong Jockey Club Undergraduate Scholarship for Their Passion to Contribute to Hong Kong Society

From left to right: Errin Lam (BBA-JD/2) and Charlie Lin (GBS/2)

Errin Lam (BBA-JD/2), and Charlie Lin (GBS/2), have been awarded the Hong Kong Jockey Club Undergraduate Scholarship for their outstanding academic achievements and dedication to community service. Their achievements did not happen overnight, they are accumulations of hard work and a genuine desire to contribute to society. It all began with a heartfelt inclination to help others from a young age. Errin and Charlie are enthusiastic about sharing their stories, with the aim of inspiring people to support one another and make a meaningful impact on society.

Resilience and Courage Shape Errin’s Path to Kindness and Compassion

Errin has a passion for writing and telling stories about people and relationships. When she was 16 years old, she realised that she faced difficulties in her studies due to dyslexia, a learning disability that affects reading and writing. Since then, she has developed the ability to remain resilient and courageous in the face of life’s challenges and overcome her disability.

Errin has chosen to study BBA-JD at CUHK Business School to intellectually challenge herself, advocate for social justice and advance her passion with the dynamic world of business. Having personally experienced discrimination, she is driven to use her legal education to promote fairness, equality, and the protection of human rights. By leveraging the unique interconnectedness of business and law, she aspires to make a positive impact on society and help other people like herself.
In the HKJC Scholarships interview process, Errin expressed that being a good learner and being naturally curious were two important factors that were heavily weighted in the aspect of intellect. As a member of the CUriosity Magazine team, she has demonstrated leadership skills by reviewing other writers’ work and focusing on the team’s success as a whole. Errin feels that she is privileged to have the resources and support she has received, and sees it as her responsibility to give back to the community of Hong Kong and help the underprivileged. One of her recent pro bono projects involves providing legal knowledge to WholeHearted Family Justice Initiative, where Errin engages with the single father community in Hong Kong and to educate them on children’s rights and their legal rights.
Through the HKJC Scholarship Programme, Errin hopes to encourage individuals with special educational needs by setting up a non-profit organisation in the future that provides legal aid to the underprivileged, and by pursuing her passion for writing to tell the stories of underrepresented members of the community of Hong Kong.

Errin Lam (BBA-JD/2) at The Hong Kong Jockey Club Scholarships: 25th Anniversary High Table Dinner & Recognition Ceremony 2023

Errin Lam (BBA-JD/2) in the WholeHearted Student Associate Summer Cycle 2023

Following His Passion for Social Service Guides Charlie’s Transformation into the Person He is Today

Another Hong Kong Jockey Club Undergraduate Scholar, Charlie, shared his transformative journey that began in high school. During his senior year, Charlie faced a significant decision: whether he should allocate all his time to study and become a top-performing scholar, or pursue his passion for social services and excel in that field. After receiving advice from his mentor, Charlie decided to dedicate his spare time to pursuing his passion for social.
He is currently an active care member and was the president of the registered charity Dream Compassioneers, which emphasises two main activities: advocacy and service. During his time in service, Charlie established a material donation programme known as Grant A Wish. As part of the project, second-hand stationery and clothes were collected and sent to more than 300 Cambodian students. Furthermore, he has volunteered to teach hearing-impaired children every Saturday with the Hong Kong Society for the Deaf. Charlie was deeply moved by the students expressing gratitude towards all the helpers, reminding him of the reciprocal nature of serving others. Regarding the advocacy aspect of his work, Charlie organised the first debate competition themed around children’s rights called the Dream Compassioneers Debate Competition, which over 70 schools participated in.
Charlie’s unwavering passion for helping others continues to thrive as he currently holds the position of Vice President at the Red Cross University Club. This role enables him to expand his reach and serve a broader spectrum of individuals, not only in Hong Kong but also in places like Nepal.
In the future, he will launch a local service programme with workshops, experiences and service to promote mental wellbeing in the city. Through in-charging the Nepal Service Trip, he hopes that he could improve their water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) infrastructure. “I am not born for myself alone,” said Charlie, “and I will carry on my passion to serve more people in need.”
We take great pride in having both Errin and Charlie as valued members of the CUHK Business School community. They embody the core values of compassion, dedication, and a sincere desire to create a positive impact in the world around them. Their extraordinary journeys and unwavering commitment to social service serve as an inspiration for us all to strive for meaningful contributions to Hong Kong society.

Charlie Lin (GBS/2) with core members in the charity: Dream Compassioneers

Charlie Lin (GBS/2) is the External Vice President of Hong Kong Red Cross University Club in 2023


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