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CUHK Team Scores Major Win in Chulalongkorn International Business Case Competition 2021

The CUHK team emerged as the first runner-up winners with their insightful analysis and engaging presentation.

A team of business students has brought home the first runner up award from the Chulalongkorn International Business Case Competition (CIBCC) 2021. The winning team, comprising Sean Tam (International Business and Chinese Enterprise, year 4), Samantha Chau (Hospitality and Real Estate, year 4), Jason Lo (Global Business Studies, year 3), and Michelle Ho (International Business and Chinese Enterprise, year 3), faced fierce competitions from leading institutions from all over the world (including Denmark, Canada, Australia, Netherlands, Germany, New Zealand, Singapore, and Thailand). Samantha Chau also stood out with her superb presentation skills and was named the competition’s Best Presenter.

This year, competing teams were drawn into four divisions, where winners of each division proceeded to compete in the final round. In the first 8-hour round, teams were presented with a case from Campus Genius Centre, a tutoring centre in Bangkok. The second round was a gruelling 24-hour case on a leading food industry leader, Betagro. Teams took on the consultancy role to propose a solution to transform Betagro as the Million Read-to-Eat (RTE) meal provider in Thailand. 

The CUHK team set their vision on creating a growth strategy that would see the company selling 1 million RTE meals every day by mid-2026 with a 145% CAGR in ambient meals. To achieve this, the team recommended establishing more robust distribution channels and capture potential customers by creating innovative RTE products and packaging revamp. After an intense final round, the CUHK team emerged as the first runner-up winners with their insightful analysis and engaging presentation.

Excellent team spirit (from left to right): Jason Lo, Samantha Chau (Best Presenter Award), Michelle Ho, and Sean Tam.

Speaking from the experience, Samantha Chau said, “It was a great experience participating in CIBCC 2021 – not only was I able to meet bright students from universities around the world, I also learned more about the business landscape and fascinating culture of Thailand through case cracking. Despite being a virtual International Case Competition, the CIBCC organizing committee had put in a lot of effort in making the experience fun and enjoyable.“

“I am very grateful that we were able to maintain a high team spirit throughout the entire competition, and I am also extremely humbled by being awarded ‘best speaker’. These awards and recognitions would not have been possible without my lovely teammates, who were some of the most capable and agile people I have worked with. All in all, the ICC experience was truly rewarding, which brought my 4-year university life and my journey with case competitions to a perfect end.”

The CUHK team presented their recommendations in front of a large audience and judges in the 24-hour case..

Final Showdown: The CBICC expert judges were impressed by the team’s dynamic and forward-thinking approach to the Betagro business case and was named the first runner-up winners in the competition


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