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CUHK-IE Business School Dual Degree Programme (DDP) Celebrates Successful Conclusion of First Cohort’s Four-Year Journey

A graduation celebration event was held to mark the end of the fruitful 4-year journey of our CUHK-IE Business School Dual Degree Programme (DDP) cohort 1 students. It has been a challenging 4 years for our cohort 1 students due to the pandemic. Despite the difficulties, they have persevered and achieved remarkable success.
Dr. John Lai, Assistant Dean (Undergraduate Studies), CUHK Business School and Programme Director of DDP delivered an inspiring speech congratulating our graduates on their impressive accomplishments and encouraging them to pursue excellence in their future careers. “The Class of DDP 2023 will not be defined by what was lost during the challenging times of the pandemic, but rather by the resilience, adaptability, and energy with which you have responded to them. As DDP 2023 graduates, you have demonstrated your flexibility and readiness to face the new normal and overcome any obstacles that lie ahead.”
Dr. John Lai, Assistant Dean (Undergraduate Studies), CUHK Business School delivering an inspiring speech that motivated graduating students to pursue their dreams.
Despite not being able to attend the event in person, Mr. Henry Bradford, Associate Dean BBA, IE Business School, delivered a heartfelt speech in which he congratulated the graduates and emphasized the importance of the global perspective and cross-cultural understanding. “The experience has certainly had a profound impact on your personal and academic growth. And has prepared you to navigate global work with confidence and grace. Your participation in this programme has not only enhanced your education but has also broadened your understanding of the world and its people.” said Mr. Bradford.
Mr. Henry Bradford, Associate Dean BBA, IE Business School, delivering a powerful and inspiring speech via video to motivate and encourage the graduates.
Several students took this opportunity to share their experiences of this unique programme and expressed their gratitude towards the faculty members and staff of both business schools:

Ainhoa Eguilaz Lara:

I never imagine that I will have the opportunity to receive a world-class education from two prestigious universities on opposite sides of the world. For me, Hong Kong is home!
Ainhoa Eguilaz Lara (Class of 2023)

Oliver Ramos Martin:

This experience has been life-changing for me, as I’m sure it has been for the rest of us, and has given me the opportunity to learn and grow in a new cultural context. I am truly grateful for this wonderful opportunity.
Oliver Ramos Martin (Class of 2023)

Reagan Chan:

Today, we find ourselves at the crossroads once again. What the future holds for us is uncertain. But I know for a fact that the strength in us would forge our ways and the faith of our loved ones would give us the courage to pave our own paths.

Reagan Chan (Class of 2023)
We are all proud to witness this sentimental moment and share our graduates’ joy and excitement. We look forward to hearing about the successes and accomplishments of our DDP graduates in the near future!


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