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CUHK Team Takes 1st Runner-Up in HSBC/HKU Hong Kong Business Case Competition 2023

The HSBC/HKU Hong Kong Business Case Competition featured nine universities in Hong Kong competing in a challenging event. The presentation and award ceremony took place at the HSBC Main Building. In the first round, teams were given six hours to solve the case, and the finalists then immediately tackled another case in the finals within a three-hour timeframe. We extend our congratulations to the team that secured the 1st Runner-up title in the competition. Our students were then invited to compete in HSBC/HKU Asia Pacific Business Case Competition 2023 after getting the award.

From left to right: Ching Yi WONG (GBS/1), Lok Tung NG (GBS/1), Yui To CHOI (QFIN/1), Kai Kiu MOCK (GBS/1), Esther TAM (Coach)

Our students working hard to crack the case at the case competition.

Here are some insights from the winning team:

Yui To CHOI (QFIN/1):

The HSBC/HKU Business Case Competition was one of the most challenging and fulfilling competitions I have ever participated in. Unlike other case competitions, this event required us to handwrite and sketch our own presentation slides, which added an extra layer of complexity. Additionally, the limited preparation time was another challenging aspect of the competition, as we were given only six hours in the first round and three hours in the final round. During the final round of preparation, we were not allowed to access the internet, which forced us to rely solely on our critical thinking skills. Overall, our experience in this competition was incredibly rewarding. We learned a lot from the judges’ advice and the outstanding performances of other competitors.

Kai Kiu MOCK (GBS/1):

This case competition was a special journey for me and my team. With a six-hour case in the first round and a three-hour case in the final round, the tight time constraint was a huge challenge for us. Additionally, one of the unique features of this competition was making handwritten slides. It was my first time using markers and rulers to craft a business proposal, which was very interesting indeed. Overall, the case competition was very rewarding, and I gained in-depth knowledge about business agility in large corporations. I am honoured to have received the 1st runner-up prize in this highly competitive contest, and I am truly grateful for this opportunity.

Lok Tung NG (GBS/1):

Participating in this case competition was a unique and unforgettable experience. We were required to prepare hand-sketched presentation decks, which allowed us to showcase our originality and creativity instead of relying on templates. The 6-hour short case focused on business agility and was challenging to solve. The final 3-hour case was also exhilarating, as we were not allowed to use electronic devices during the preparation period. Overall, I am grateful for the support we received from the CUHK Business School and believe that this experience was truly valuable.

Ching Yi WONG (GBS/1):

It is my absolute honour to represent CUHK in this case competition, which was undeniably a rewarding experience. Having the first experience in preparing handwritten presentation slides changed my mode of thinking and usual style of making PowerPoint slides, and allowed for more creativity to emerge. Together with the time constraints (6-hour and 3-hour cases) and the restricted internet access, our team was able to complete this competition solely by relying on our knowledge and critical thinking. Overall, I am grateful to have learned from this invaluable experience.


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