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2021 Academic Counselling for Integrated BBA programme and Welcoming Activity has been Successful

Academic counselling was held on 24 Aug 2021, in Cheng Yu Tung Building, CUHK Campus. Over 240 Integrated BBA (IBBA) students came back on campus to the academic counselling session and welcoming activity.

The counselling was started by a warm welcoming speech given by Dr. Anson Au Yeung, Co-director of IBBA programme. After that, Dr. Fred Ku, Associate Dean (Undergraduate Studies) and Co-director of IBBA programme introduced curriculum and students’ policies of CUHK Business School.

A warm welcoming speech given by Dr. Anson Au Yeung.

Dr. Fred Ku introduced curriculum and students’ policies of CUHK Business School.

Student ambassadors and freshmen exchanged ideas in subgroups during the counselling. Ten advisors joined the counselling as well, including Dr. Andrew Yuen, Dr. David Chow, Mr. Sunny Ha, Dr. Chris Leung, Prof. Darwin Choi, Dr. Edwin Mok, Dr. Frank Ng, Dr. Joyce Lun and Dr. Rosette Leung. They all had a fruitful exchange with freshmen.

This year, we had special decorations and activities to welcome our freshmen and to celebrate our return to normal campus life. A welcoming arch was built at the entrance of Cheng Yu Tung Building to show our excitement towards freshmen and the upcoming school year. The staircase was decorated to fit in and to shape the atmosphere of such a blessed event.

Moreover, booths were held by academic advisors and student ambassadors to meet and greet freshmen. Blessings have been sent from student ambassadors to freshmen to wish their 4-year fruitful journey at CUHK Business School. Freshmen were also encouraged to walk in and chat with our academic advisors and student ambassadors. Not only academic questions were asked and answered, but all feelings and experiences were exchanged and treasured. This is in line with our spirit “We care, We share! Chat with us!”

In CUHK Business School, the mentality and thoughts of students are as important as all kinds of achievement to us. We hope to provide a perfect environment and nurture all-rounded business leaders.

Freshmen were welcomed by decorated rooms, staircases, and a welcoming arch.

Programme directors and freshmen took photos in front of different backdrops.

Academic advisors, student ambassadors and freshmen were divided into subgroups to exchange ideas and experiences.

Student ambassadors were mingling with freshmen.

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