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Small Thoughts from Students

CHENG Hoi Leng (Integrated BBA, Year 2)

It feels good to be lost in the right direction. The future is full of uncertainty, many unexpected events had occurred which mess up our original plans. Although there is a lot of confusion in our path, never lose your energy and passion, be an optimistic person, and try different things. I believe every day will be the best moment in life.

CHOW Lok Ching Laura (Integrated BBA, Year 2)

As a business student, I believe CUHK has well-established mechanisms to equip us for the future, by challenging us to excel in academics and extra-curricular activities. Through my learning journey, I was very fortunate enough to have two mentors who provided me with advice towards my career plans and entrepreneurship venture. Additionally, I had the opportunity to attend the GBA Global Innovation Summit, Globsec NextGen Forum for broadening my vision towards the business world. I believe that CUHK offer a wide stream of opportunities for those strive for success and is the perfect place for people who would like to be an impactful global business leader and make a difference to society!


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