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Team CUHK Takes Home 2nd Runner-Up at BI International Case Competition 2023 & Finalist at McDonough Business Strategy Challenge 2023

BI International Case Competition 2023 (BIICC) in Oslo, Norway

From left: Clive Cheung (Coach), Brady Ng (IBCE/2) Kiki Ngai (IBCE/4), Cheryl Chau (GBS/3), Sunny Wu (QFIN/3)

Brady Ng (IBCE/2) Kiki Ngai (IBCE/4), Cheryl Chau (GBS/3), Sunny Wu (QFIN/3), and represented The Chinese University of Hong Kong in the BI International Case Competition 2023 (BIICC) and competed against 11 other international universities, with the two cases focused on business model transformation for Norway-based companies. The team was awarded the second runner-up of the 12-hour case by analyzing the structure and operation of Mesta, a state-owned enterprise specializing in road construction and maintenance.

“Rarely do I have the chance to solve a case for a Norwegian company. The cases were research-intensive and highly analytical – they challenged us to take a deep dive into the Norwegian business climate, geographical environment and demographic under strict time pressure.” said Kiki, “Besides case-cracking, we also had the chance to network with other contestants and student ambassadors through a series of well-designed social events.”

McDonough Business Strategy Challenge 2023 (MBSC) in Washington D.C

From left: Raymond Li (QFIN/2), Brittany Ho (GLEF/3), Rose Chan (Administrative Director), Autchariya Khumjuang (IBBA/4), Stark Li (GLEF/2)

McDonough Business Strategy Challenge 2023 (MBSC) has come to their 19th year. Throughout its eighteen-year history, the MBSC has brought together top business school students from around the world with consulting professionals to provide our non-profit partners with innovative solutions to real-world challenges. After two years of online competition, the 2023 MBSC marks the return to an in-person competition at Georgetown University in Washington, DC. The CUHK team [Raymond Li (QFIN/2), Brittany Ho (GLEF/3), Autchariya Khumjuang (IBBA/4), Stark Li (GLEF/2)] has competed against 17 other international universities and got into finalist.

Congratulations! Here are some sharing from the team:

Raymond Li (QFIN/2):

The competition made me realize how non-profits leverage individuals, businesses and government to build social movements. It is also delighting in seeing that non-profits nowadays driving their development with technology. During the case-cracking process, I am glad that we quickly identified potential vulnerability through intense discussion. Outside of the competition, I made good friends with teams coming from various countries. The process of overcoming our cultural differences made me a more outgoing and confidence person, which is believed to have a lifelong influence on me.

Brittany Ho (GLEF/3):

From the case competition, I gained illuminating insights into how to structure an innovative and feasible action plan for non-profit organisations. Throughout the case-cracking process, we came across the objectives and challenges of them. Then, we devised a step-by-step approach with detailed action plans and ultimately scaled up the collective impact. Aside from that, I learned how to communicate my messages and tell the story in a more appealing, sympathetic and lively way. Most essentially, I am grateful and enthusiastic about meeting teams from around the globe. International case competitions are all about connecting with the smartest and brightest minds. And I would surely cherish the experience for a lifetime.

Autchariya Khumjuang (IBBA/4):

Through this competition, I had a glimpse of how NPOs today work and strive to ensure they are channelling the change in society and learned the importance of creating the NPO collaboration network and building a well-defined brand. The activities equipped me with the right mindset to think strategically in the context of non-profit business. On top of the industry knowledge I gained, I could identify some areas I need improvement on. I will have to pay special attention to how the presentation should be delivered, be confident in public speaking, and communicate concisely and clearly to the audiences.

Stark Li (GLEF/2):

Participating in a non-profit organization case competition was a transformative experience that enhanced my understanding of the critical role played by non-profit organizations in addressing societal challenges. Working with a diverse team, we developed an innovative solution that addressed the unique needs of BBAR we partnered with. Through this process, I gained a profound appreciation for the passion and commitment of NPOs and the many challenges they face in achieving their missions. This experience highlighted the importance of supporting and collaborating with NPOs to create a better world, and I am grateful for the opportunity to have been a part of it.


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