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Business Lecture Series and Beta Gamma Sigma CUHK Chapter Honoree Award Presentation

The Business Lecture Series and Beta Gamma Sigma ​CUHK Chapter Honoree Award Presentation was successfully held on 16 March 2023, in Cheng Yu Tung Building, CUHK campus, with about 200 business students joining the event.

Aiming at expanding students’ horizon and providing meaningful career guidance in this ever-expanding business world, the business lecture has been inviting guests from all business fields to share their life experiences and professional suggestions. We were honoured to have Mr. Leong CHEUNG, former Executive Director of Charities & Community at The Hong Kong Jockey Club as the guest speaker, to share his life experience and introduce companies’ social impact in today’s world. He was presented the Beta Gamma Sigma CUHK Chapter Honoree Award during the event.

The event started with an inspirational speech from Prof. Lin ZHOU, Dean of CUHK Business School, who warmly welcomed everyone, expressed gratitude for Mr. CHEUNG’s outstanding contribution to CUHK campus life, and emphasized the significance of companies’ social responsibility in this era. “Mr Leong CHEUNG has inherited the spirit of giving back by being an example of service leadership and leading different organisations to bring positive impact to society.”, said Dean ZHOU.

Prof. Lin ZHOU, Dean of CUHK Business School, welcomed all the Business School undergraduates of Business Lecture Series with an opening speech.

Following Dean ZHOU’s motivational speech, it came to the Beta Gamma Sigma CUHK Chapter Honoree Award Presentation. Dean ZHOU gave words of congratulations and presented the award to Mr. CHEUNG who is also our CUHK BBA Alumnus. The Beta Gamma Sigma Honoree Award recognizes individuals who have made significant contributions to business and society through their exemplary work. The award is given annually to a limited number of recipients through nomination and approval by the Beta Gamma Sigma Board of Governors.

Mr. Leong CHEUNG (BBA 1994) (right) received the Beta Gamma Sigma CUHK Chapter Honoree Award from Prof. ZHOU (left).
Prof. ZHOU and Dr. Fred KU, Associate Dean (Undergraduate Studies) warmly congratulated Mr. CHEUNG for his outstanding performance and commitment to society.

During the lecture, Mr. CHEUNG released his sharing “From profit to impact” based on his past experience on corporate operation and social management. Mr. CHEUNG seized this invaluable opportunity to share his personal experiences in The Hong Kong Jockey Club (HKJC) and his co-founded innovative social enterprise, RunOurCity, with our undergraduates. He emphasized that “the lessons students have learnt in Business School can not only come with a dollar sign, but also can be used to create social impacts”, encouraging students to apply their knowledge of business management to tackle social challenges and make a difference in society. He passionately spoke about his experience working as the Executive Director of Charities and Community at HKJC and recounted his transition from a business leader to an impact maker.

Mr. Leong CHEUNG (BBA 1994), Former Executive Director of Charities & Community at The Hong Kong Jockey Club and Beta Gamma Sigma CUHK Chapter Honoree.
During the Q&A session followed by Mr. CHEUNG’s speech, the students enthusiastically participated by asking thought-provoking questions to understand more about Mr. CHEUNG’s career development. The session was filled with lively discussion as students engaged with Mr. CHEUNG, which impressed him with the level of engagement and participation from the students, remarking that their contributions have enriched the discussion. Overall, the interactive Q&A session brought Mr. CHEUNG and the students closer together.

Wrapping up the Business Lecture Series and the Award Presentation, Dr. KU expressed his heartfelt gratitude to Mr. CHEUNG’s genuine conversation with the students and the students’ enthusiastic input. He also encouraged the students to follow the footsteps of Mr. CHEUNG to create a positive impact on society: “It is equally important that you give back to the community and help someone in need”.

Dr. Fred KU, Associate Dean (Undergraduate Studies) delivered a closing address for the event.
The event ended on a high note with inspiring speeches and insightful discussions. In particular, the lecture by Mr. CHEUNG was a highlight of it. Overall, the event was a huge success, and we look forward to hosting more enlightening lectures in the future.


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