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Service Trip to Shaoguan Help Students Develop Sense of Social Responsibility

To enhance business students’ social awareness and understanding of different cultures, the Undergraduate Office organised a 5-day service trip to Shaoguan, China, from November 30 to December 4, 2018. Led by Mr Simon Lee, the Co-director of the International Business and Chinese Enterprise Programme, students participated in service teaching at a local secondary school, visited Shaoguan University, and experienced the local culture of the North Guangdong region.

The trip kicked off with a warm welcome from the local students and faculty members of Shaoguan University. Students first attended a lecture on the culture and history of the Southern China region, followed by ice-breaking activities and a mingling session. Through lively discussion and idea exchange, students formed strong bonds with each other and learned to appreciate cultural diversity.

The highlight of the trip was the volunteer teaching at a local secondary school, during which students could apply concepts learnt to real-life events. The different teaching teams taught secondary students concepts used in business and economy, such as “monopoly” and “division of labour”, which were then applied by the students in a range of interactive activities. The volunteer teaching experience also provided an opportunity for the business students to deepen their interests in global issues and develop their interpersonal skills through communication and collaboration.

“The service teaching activity was one of my most memorable experiences during this trip,” said Thomas Chow (Integrated BBA, Year 3). “Through researching and class planning, we understood better the economic, social, and educational issues in China, and integrated these elements in our class to increase secondary students’ engagement level. In addition, the teaching experience also strengthened my confidence in public speaking.”


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