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A Proud Achievement Worth Celebrating: Winning a 2nd Place in The McDonough Business Strategy Challenge 2024

From left to right: Wendy Fung (GLEF, Year 2), Eunice Wai (IBCE, Year 2), Giam Kun-yue (QFIN, Year 4), Woody Leong (PACC, Year 4) and Dr Rosette Leung Hang-yee (Programme Co-Director of GBS and Associate Programme Director of IBBA)

While we were embracing the Lunar New Year vacation with our loved ones, four of our undergraduate students, Wendy Fung (GLEF, Year 2), Giam Kun-yue(QFIN, Year 4), Woody Leong (PACC, Year 4), and Eunice Wai (IBCE, Year 2) travelled to Washington, D.C. for the McDonough Business Strategy Challenge (MBSC) 2024 hosted by Georgetown University and brought back the 2nd place!

Focused on the case presented by the Academy of Hope, the team was given around 32 hours to analyse the expansion challenges encountered by the school and propose innovative solutions to a panel of judges. The team’s unwavering dedication paid off as they proudly secured the 2nd place, competing against 18 teams representing universities from around the globe.

 The team presented their findings and solutions in front of a panel of judges during the final round of the competition.

The team visited the U.S. Capitol in Washington D.C..

Below are some insights from the team:-

Wendy Fung (GLEF, Year 2):

The competition stood out among the various cases I have encountered due to its comprehensive exploration of legal matters and its emphasis on organisational restructuring. Given the complexity of the case, I am grateful for my teammates’ guidance in meticulously analysing and deconstructing the intricacies of the case. Case aside, I am thankful to have met these exceptional teammates who I will undoubtedly cherish for a lifetime.

Giam (QFIN, Year 4):

MBSC has been an incredibly significant journey for me. Working alongside NGOs to tackle real-world business challenges has opened my eyes to the immense positive impact that businesses can have on creating a better world. This competition holds a special place in my heart because it pushed me to go beyond my limits, and the unwavering support of my teammates empowered me to challenge myself like never before. Also, my teammates are some of the best and most genuine people ever and they have become like a second family to me.

Woody Leong (PACC, Year 4):

The competition offered me a great way to learn about the non-profit industry in the US. Our team managed to gain valuable insights from the interactive Q&A session with the case company to understand its challenges. Therefore, we were able to view the problem holistically and develop a strategy that helped the company restructure and amplify its impact. I also realized how a well-planned organizational structure and accounting system could help the company achieve its strategic goals. Fun fact, this was my first and last international case competition at university, and my amazing teammates made it an experience extra worthwhile. See you on the next adventure!

Eunice Wai (IBCE, Year 2):

Participating in this non-profit-focused case competition was truly a one-of-a-kind experience. It was exciting to break away from the traditional format and explore a different perspective while tackling real-world challenges. We are thrilled to have had the chance to delve into the rich history and profound importance of the U.S. Capitol, which then helped us contextualize our strategies and present them in a captivating manner. Overall, I genuinely cherished every moment of this interactive and enlightening competition with my wonderful teammates.


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