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Unleashing the Potential with CUHK Business School: Successful Completion of Business Leadership of the Future

One of our global events – Business Leadership of the Future, a 2-day online learning programme, was successfully concluded on 21 January 2024. The programme served as a precious platform for over 30 participants from 14+ countries to make academic and cultural exchanges, as well as to develop a deeper understanding of CUHK Business School.

The programme commenced with an opening ceremony with insightful sharing from two of our current students. Their first-hand experiences provided the participants with a comprehensive glimpse into the vibrant university life at CUHK Business School.

Max Chu (GBS, Year 1) shared his experiences about his first semester as a freshman in CUHK Business School.

Joy Hong (IBBA, Year 4) shared her involvement in various study trips and encouraged participants to set goals for their future studies.

In addition to the customized interactive workshops designed for the participants, we were privileged to have Dr Fred Ku, the Associate Dean (Undergraduate Studies) of CUHK Business School, deliver a lecture on sustainable and responsible business development. Dr Ku also shared valuable interview tips, equipping participants with the necessary skills for their future interviews.

Participants were fully engaged in the lecture delivered by Dr Fred Ku.

During Day 2, students were divided into teams to tackle an exciting challenge based on a case study about OmniFoods. Their goal was to develop marketing strategies for OmniFoods, with each team being given 8 minutes for their idea presentation, followed by a 3-minute Q&A session. Despite the limited preparation time, the teams delivered exceptional performances and presented creative marketing plans that left the judges thoroughly impressed.

The programme concluded on a high note with an inspiring closing speech delivered by Dr Ku. He motivated the students to identify their interests and encouraged them to embrace new challenges that lie ahead with courage and determination.


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