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CUHK Business School Fosters Leaders with Social Conscience: The Inspirational Path of Evelyn Lam at Global Business Studies programme

Evelyn Lam Tsz-Yue, a Year 2 student from Global Business Studies programme, has recently granted recognition as one of the Top 10 Outstanding Tertiary Students by the Hong Kong Youth & Tertiary Students Association. This award recognizes her contributions in the field of social service, coupled with her remarkable accomplishments in both formal and informal academic pursuits.

Evelyn Lam (GBS/2) received the Top 10 Outstanding Tertiary Students Award 2023 at the Award Ceremony.

Evelyn’s inspirational journey commenced with the guidance and counsel received from her senior peers when she found herself at a crossroads during secondary school years. The meaningful engagement has led to an opportunity in the act of teaching Cantonese online for newly arrived children from the Mainland in a social service. These experiences have sowed the seeds of leadership and compassion that guided her future path of societal service.

Upon joining CUHK Business School, Evelyn aspires to continue her contributions to society and cultivate leadership skills for the year ahead. With the unwavering support provided by the Global Business Studies Programme Co-directors, Dr. Fred Ku and Dr. Rosette Leung, Evelyn received consistent guidance and a wealth of learning opportunities which have played a pivotal role in shaping her decision-making process.

The comprehensive curriculum of Global Business Studies programme empowers Evelyn with the tools to become a well-rounded leader capable of making a positive impact on society. Through engaging coursework and practical projects, she has gained valuable insights across various disciplines, assisting her in carving her pathway towards the field of social service, such as her joined programme- Innovation x Business @CUHK, a tech-business-focused platform, which aims to assist the elderly in expanding their social network and illustrate her dedication to leveraging her skills for the betterment of others.

Evelyn’s CUHK Business School life also encompasses a board spectrum of extracurricular activities, including participation in the Case Competition Team (CCT), Cambridge Consulting Network (CCN), Strategic Investment Society (SIS), and various others. Her active involvement in these diverse commitments keeps her on her toes and also brings a sense of dynamism to her exciting experience. Through participating in case competitions and undertaking internships under CUHK Business School, Evelyn reflected that her experience in planning and executing projects directly translates to her social service leadership initiatives.

Evelyn Lam (GBS/2) joined the HKU-SaSa Joint University Case Competition 2023 and successfully secured the 2nd runner-up title with her teammates.

During her study of Global Business Studies Programme, her interactions with fellow CUHK Business School students has led her feel the kindness, social consciousness, and genuine concern for societal issues among the peers. After receiving the award, Evelyn would like to encourage to those individuals’ contemplating enrolments at CUHK Business School, urging them to adopt a proactive and expansive approach in their endeavours. Seizing every opportunity available to grow academically and personally. Embrace new experiences and challenges which will lead to remarkable personal growth and a broader perspective in life.


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