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CFA Institute Research Challenge – Hong Kong Local Final 2022-23

CFA Institute Research Challenge Hong Kong Local Final 2022-23” was successfully held by the CFA Society Hong Kong on 18 Feb 2023.

This global competition provides a unique opportunity for students to work in teams and gain real-world experience through hands-on mentoring and intensive training in company financial analysis. Students are asked to take the role of research analysts and are judged on their ability to value a stock, write a research report, and present their recommendations. The winning team at the Local Final will advance to the Regional Final and compete with the winning teams from other geographical regions for the opportunities to enter the Global Challenge in the pursuit of the final championship.  The Global Challenge consists of winners of the regional finals held in Asia Pacific, Europe and America. The winner group will be joining the sub-region round (East Asia) in March. 

6 finalist teams presented their analysis and recommendations to our professional panel of judges, followed by a Career Panel sharing by seasoned industry practitioners on career development in the financial sectors. The event was successfully concluded, and we are pleased to announce our Champion Team: The Chinese University of Hong Kong (Team C).


From left:  Claudio Chak, Philip Tarrantino Limas, Cinthia Wei, Stella Wu, Jacqueline Phu

Congratulations to the fellow winners! Here are some sharing from the winners:

Thank you, CUHK Business School, for having a first-year student in the CFA Research Challenge. It is challenging but also rewarding. I have learned a lot from my teammates and our mentors. I am glad that I can team up with final-year students and even master’s student. I really learned a lot throughout the process! With the guidance of Dr. Edwin Mok, we have a good division of labor while also having good teamwork. Nonetheless, I have to show my greatest gratitude to our mentor, Mr. William Leung. CFA Hong Kong has assigned a very experienced mentor to each team, and it is unbelievable to me that I can receive valuable advice from him. (Claudio Chak, IBBA)

Attending the CFA Institute Research Challenge is an unforgettable experience. Our team spent a lot of time and effort in producing a decent report and presentation, and we’re glad that our hard work paid off eventually. My teammates come from diverse backgrounds in terms of major and nationality, and our different perspectives helped to generate more holistic analysis, to my idea, contributing to our winning. We received tremendous help from our faculty advisor Dr. Edwin Mok, and mentor Mr. William Leung, who gave us valuable advice throughout our 2-month long preparation. Credit goes to my supportive teammates, Dr. Edwin Mok, and Mr. William Leung. (Wei Yu Hsin Cinthia, GLEF)

This was my first time joining a Research Challenge hosted by the CFA Institute Hong Kong. It’s a great learning experience to apply what I learnt from class to a real-world case and to carry out financial analysis from scratch. I’m glad that I have a diverse group of teammates who are supportive all the times. We couldn’t have made it to the championship without everyone’s commitment. (Stella Wu, PACC)

With teamwork and efforts, we made it to the Champion of CFA Institute Research Challenge! Despite some setbacks, we still persevered and grew together throughout the competition. It is really inspiring to work with the talented teammates! Furthermore, I would like to show our gratitude to our faculty advisor, Dr. Edwin Mok and mentor, Mr. William Leung for their guidance as we could not reach this without them. Also, CUHK provides us with great resources, including the Finance Trading Laboratory and the foundation from finance as well as economic courses. We will stay humble and diligent toward the sub-regional round! (Jacqueline Phu, ECON)

It’s a really great experience to attend the challenge, as we can not only learn how to produce a professional equity report but also gain valuable insights from practitioners from the finance industry. I really appreciate Dr. Edwin Mok and Mr. William Leung for their valuable guidance. We will continue to commit to the sub-regional challenge and hopefully achieve great results for CUHK. (Philip Tarrantino Limas, ELEG)


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